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Crown Variety and the Customer hereby agree that Crown Variety will provide merchandise to Customer on consignment for the Customer to sell at a fund raising event at the school and on the date listed above under the following terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions:
1.        All unsold merchandise received from Crown Variety by Customer must be returned in the condition it was received within 48 hours of said event;
2.        Full payment is due for all merchandise sold within three (3) business days of said event or a $50 late fee applies.
3.        Crown Variety Holiday Shop to provide the following free of charge with $1500 minimum school purchase:
a)       Complete gift line for students to purchase on consignment;
b)       Supplies such as: Bags, Table Cloths and Posters;
c)       Overnight re-order deliveries (if contacted by 2:00pm (eastern time) and if items are in stock);
d)       Free Delivery and Free Pickup of Merchandise.
4.        All sales under $1500 will incur a $75.00 fee to cover supplies, delivery and pickup charges.
5.        Minimum net sales qualifier of $1,500 applies for any Incentive Bonus Program.
6.        Any damaged and/or missing items must be reported to Crown Variety on date of receipt;
7.        School/Organization will have all unsold merchandise and unsold supplies boxed up, inventoried & ready for pickup on the date scheduled by both parties.
8.        School/Organization agrees not to cancel after November 1st, 2019 or a $500 restocking fee will be assessed to the account.
9.        School/Organization agrees to run Crown Variety Holiday Shop for two or more days.
10.     School/Organization agrees not to sell merchandise provided by another vendor or other commercial products.
11.     School/Organization will not deface items by marking prices or putting stickers on merchandise. Defaced merchandise has no further value and will be charged backed to the group.
12.     School/Organization agrees to pay for any merchandise not returned by January 16, 2020, after the year of delivery, together with 1.5% monthly finance charge on all money due and all costs of collection and attorney fees.
13.     Payment must be received no later than 12/31/2019 or a $50 late fee applies.
This Agreement cannot be modified unless in writing and signed by all parties



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